Betrayal & Trials -EP

by When The Broken Burn

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Betrayal Explains who we are musically. Message wise. We know what its like to mistreated by others who think they are above you. With this we wanted to talk about being "Betrayed". So that's what its about.

Trials kicks in with a softer more aggressive sound and more unique style. It goes along the lines of Time and Life loss in our lives. It's not an easy situation to got through. But to overcome it is a whole other story. That is what Trials is about.

This EP is to show what we have been working on for thee past 3 years as this band. We have gone through a lot of uphill battles in this road to make this possible. It wasn't easy but we made it happen. We hope you enjoy. Thank you.-When The Broken Burn

All Copyrights to When The Broken Burn


released March 1, 2016

Will Comerford-Drums
Adam Colon-Guitar
Ryan Murrphy-Guitar
Shane Dunn-Bass
Andrew Walpole-Keyboard
Nicolas Quinones-Vocals/Lyricist

Creative Input

Chase McMillin
David Bennett
Alex Christian



all rights reserved


When The Broken Burn Salem, Oregon

6 members Will Comerford (drums) , Adam Colon (Guitar) Ryan Murrphy (Guitar),Shane Dunn (bass), Andrew Walpole (keys), and Nicolas Quinones (screams) . The message that When The Broken Burn wants to get across is that, when you have anger an bitterness from people who treat you wrong or act bigger than everyone else.That we together as a family are so much more. We were made for so much more. ... more

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Track Name: 12:3

Quick quick call the reaper
Manifestations of all your demons
That wont set you free
materialistic things don't mean a thing
you wanted brothers well you got outlaws

How do you call yourself a church
How do you call yourself a ministry
Why don't you stop using that crutch
An take off your mask of mystery

They deserve the truth

Your playing a dangerous game
You long
All because you long for fame
Not giving glory for what has been given You rather ignore instead of listen
But you to late
Forgive this now or your fate

We are not alone
We do this to break your silence
After all you tried to keep us quiet

What you said In the dark shall be said in the light, and what you say in private rooms shall be shouted on rooftops

How do you call yourself a church
Track Name: My Resurrection
My Resurrection

I am awakened
From the depths of my demise
I've been given the chance to find you
To bring you down to this hell you put me in

I've loved everything in this life
Why must i deal with this sacrifice
I will not let it slide or let this be
I would want nothing more than to see you bleed
Than to see them bleed

I will be the bigger man
To draw a line in the sand
I know you laugh at my face
But I've grown to know you've become a disgrace
I believe that the blind will see
Its the root of what i need
I know you hear me son I hope your soul finds conviction

I can't control my hatred

I want to see them all suffer
Because they called me there brother
They fear what you have spoken
Because they lied to the broken
What goes around comes around so just cast your crown

Go cast your crown aside
One day we all will die so go run and hide one day we all will die
Cast your crown aside!
Track Name: Family Ties

Look what's become of us
Are you to blind to see
That we've lead this family
Straight to misery

Torn and scattered
Will we see each other again
We are all broken
Its time to make amends

This road is long
but isn't the end
When blood is blood
Its time to take a stand

blood is blood
I'll take a stand

Our founders
Look at us in disgust
We only we have each other yet we can not trust
We used to be this family
Well just say goodbye to what used to be

Look at me
You were built on deceit
You always longed for greed
Cause in thee end
It means nothing to me
Track Name: Song For The Broken
Song For The Broken
By Nic Quinones

Through the trials
Brings you to your knees
Brings you to you knees

So now I'm brought to this broken place
When everything I touch is something I can't take
You left me with this loving heart of gold
But now that it's gone my soul grows cold

Why can't you see 2x
Why have you done this me
This isn't free

This isn't fun
It's never fun
It's what its like
To lose loved ones (to lose loved ones)
Through the trials
It will bring you to your knees
Brings you to you knees

And now my heart is awakened
My faith as grown cold
My souls been shaken
These are my cries of loyalty
As my heart go against this raging sea
I'm screaming out to overcome
My heart cries out overcome
I'm screaming out to overcome(We will overcome)
My heart cries out overcome (We will overcome)

Get up off your feet Move

Through the trials
Brings you to your knees
Brings you to you knees